Water Relief

Water is life, as such, everyone has a right to water, sanitation, safe and clean community because clean water plus good hygiene practices are essential for the survival and development of people especially now more than ever with the emergence of new social protocols which dictates that keeping good hygiene and hands washing is of paramount importance to curb the spread of Covid-19. In that light, the foundation has drilled 71 boreholes in government public schools in Nigeria. Below is a table showing the distribution of the foundation across different geographical locations:



water is life.. 


65 boreholes have been commissioned and 6 are under construction. The foundation has a standard design for all its water Facilities. The facilities contain tank tower attached with a wall for fetching taps, 3,000 liters water tank and 10 taps for utility. Attached below is a vivid pictorial sketch design for the water facility:

Visit our youtube channel to watch more on our Borehole programs on different part of the country and how they are being commissioned. 

Electric Borehole Design Templates

Electric 005

Some Boreholes Commissioned