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Combating Hunger

The NEAR Foundation provides food relief packages to struggling families during Ramadan, Eid-El Kabir, and Christmas, as well as in times of urgent need. Since its inception in 2021, the foundation has supported over 500,000 families with essential food items, particularly during the challenging times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the current economic turmoil


Eid El-Kebir

Covid-19 Palliative



Over 100,000 families in Nigeria benefited from NEAR Foundation’s hunger relief efforts during Ramadan since 2021. Tailored to community needs, each package provides essential food items like rice, beans, macaroni, spagetti, garri, salt, and semovita. These packages, distributed across 28 states, including the Federal Capital Territory, ensure families can fast in Ramadan with dignity and sustenance.

Eid El-Kabir

Touching the lives of over 220,000 families across 28 states in Nigeria, NEAR Foundation has made Eid El Adha truly special for those in need. Through the Qurban feast of sacrifice, the foundation has generously sacrificed over 4,413 cows, distributing essential 4kg meat packages to families. This act of charity brought joy and nourishment to countless individuals, strengthening communities and fostering a spirit of giving during this sacred holiday.


In addition to the Ramadan relief packages, the Foundation has distributed over 300,000 provision packages to less privileged families, aiming to alleviate hunger and lessen the level of hardship in our communities. Furthermore, NEAR Foundation dedicates approximately 100 rams each month, distributing the meat as sadaka (charity) across various states in Nigeria.