Education Relief

The foundations Education Program is divided in to two categories, Scholarships and Renovation.

In Scholarship the foundation takes it upon itself to give scholarship to indigent students with exceptional academic excellence in public secondary schools and universities, respectively. The scholarships for the secondary school students entail payment of the student’s annual tuition fee, which comprises uniform fees, PTA levies and other administrative fees as may be. While that of the university student’s cadre comprises three categories of scholarships, there is a.) tuition fee scholarship b.) monthly stipend scholarship c.) housing allowance scholarship. We provide these scholarships to students from low-income facilities with vibrant academic performance. So far, we have over 1500 students enrolled in our scholarship program. Below is the distribution of students under the sponsorship of Near Foundation across different universities and secondary schools in Nigeria. here are some of our Pictures on Scholarship Program. Presently the foundation has 542 Graduated Students.




in Renovation, To Foster continues learning in our educational system, Near foundation goes a long way into renovating dilapidated classroom buildings in government owned secondary schools within the country to augment and assist in keep up the standard in our school environments. The foundation has renovated a block of classrooms in two different schools in Kano state. The schools where the renovation was done are in Kaura and Kawaji both in Kano State.

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Ongoing School Renovation Program