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Medical Screening

– Near foundation organizes free health care screening programs where we diagnose and treat patients together with our volunteer doctors (mostly graduate from the Tulip colleges) and drugs donated to us from Nizamiye hospital here in Nigeria. The health screening is being carried out in IDP camps (Internally Displaced Persons), orphanage homes, rural villages, and government owned secondary school in collaboration with ministry of education and UBEB.


In this year’s Ramadan, the foundation distributed over 26,000 hunger relief packages in Nigeria. The relief packages contained 2kg rice, 2kg beans, 1kg salt, 1kg semovita, 1kg semolina 4 packs of macaroni and 2 packs of spaghetti. The packages were distributed in 24 states in Nigeria.


The foundation’s educational relief program is subdivided into 2 categories: Scholarship and Renovation


Apart from the Ramadan relief packages, the foundation has distributed over 7500 provision packages to the less fortunate families to alleviate hunger and lessen the level of hardship in our communities due the covid-19 pandemic. In addition, Near foundation about 100 rams every month and distribute the meat as sadaka (charity) in 6 different states in Nigeria.

Eid el-Khabir

In 2021 Eid El-Kabir Feast of Sacrifice, Near foundation sacrificed 1160 cows and distributed the pieces of 4kg meat packages to the less privileged people during this Eid celebration. The meat packages were distributed in 28 states in Nigeria.


Water is life, as such, everyone has a right to water, sanitation, safe and clean community because clean water plus good hygiene practices are essential for the survival and development of people especially now more than ever with the emergence of new social protocols which dictates that keeping good hygiene and hands washing is of paramount importance to curb the spread of Covid-19. In that light, the foundation has drilled 71 boreholes in government public schools in Nigeria. Below is a table showing the distribution of the foundation across different geographical locations:

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